Ending Family Violence

One women is killed in in Australia almost every week by a partner or ex-partner.

Family violence is a major health and welfare issue. 

It is a leading cause of issues that we see across our services such as poverty, homelessness, and physical and mental health problems.

Family violence is fostered by a culture in which there is inequality between men and women. While men experience family violence, the majority of victims are women.

Vulnerable groups

Family violence is the leading cause of death and disability for Australian women under 45. Some groups are much more vulnerable than others, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women with disability, LGBTQI+ people and older women.


Family violence affects the physical and mental health of those who experience it and puts them at much great risk of poverty and homelessness. Violence against women and children is estimated to cost the government over $7 billion a year, and the economy as a whole $21.6 billion each year.

Current political context

Victoria has taken a lead nationally on addressing family violence, with the Royal Commission into Family Violence reporting in 2016. We want to see all its recommendations implemented and more attention to this issue at a national level.

Download a full version of our position paper

Our commitments

We know that we can't wait for change to happen elsewhere. We have to be part of that change. That is why we are making these commitments:

  • We stand against gender discrimination in any form
  • Our workplaces behaviours are respectful. Any of our people subjected to harassment and abuse are supported
  • Our people feel safe when reporting inappropriate behaviours that they have experienced or witnessed
  • Woman are given equal opportunity to advance their careers and take on leadership roles
  • We provide flexible, family-friendly working arrangements wherever possible
  • Any of our employees who wishes to access counselling has access to the  Employee Assistance Program
  • Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave for all Uniting employees
  • Our Heritage Service supports care-leavers who were raised in the out-of-home care services provided by the Uniting Church in Victoria

Our policy recommendations

Change can also be supported by public policy. We see the following as important actions to help support change. You can read about them in more detail in our position paper.

  • Put more money into family violence programs that we know work
  • Put in place systems that help identify family violence quickly and effectively
  • More funding for legal aid, information and support services.
  • Invest in research so there is a better understanding of all aspects of family violence.
  • Develop programs for specific groups that have high rates of family violence