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I have a great admiration for the wonderful work done by Uniting to help so many disadvantaged people in our society. "

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Kelli remembers being locked down in her home for two weeks without warning.
If you have ever been to Harley’s community dining room in Prahran, you likely will have spotted Ian Harris flaunting a black, striped kitchen apron with a twinkle in his eyes. Vito’s infectious energy and enthusiasm for life leaves you feeling inspired and warm inside.

“I started volunteering in the 90s..I love doing it. I love being with other people, with friends."

Prior to migrating to Australia, Jun worked for 20 years in the massage industry. Sadly, his qualifications were not recognised here, so he made the decision to begin the journey of re-training. With the support of the Uniting CESP Program, Jun commenced study in an Advanced Diploma with the Melbourne …

Hear the real story

A warm welcome for all.

Simon feels his experience working at the Welcome Centre has helped him reflect on his own experiences as a migrant coming from the UK.

So, meeting some of the Welcome Centre’s clients and hearing the hurdles they’ve gone through, it’s really eye opening."

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