Warm hearts and fill bellies this winter.

Your generosity and compassion allow us to give practical help to people in crisis during the toughest months of the year.

Uniting to help people in need

Your generosity transforms lives.

When you donate to Uniting, you are supporting people and local communities to thrive. Every dollar raised helps us to reach more people and provide support when it’s needed most. 

I have a great admiration for the wonderful work done by Uniting to help so many disadvantaged people in our society. "

Dinah, Donor

You can make a difference

Your compassion has the power to make real change in your community. 

You can decide where your money goes. 

There’s lots of ways you can get involved.

Hear from our team

Working for Uniting.

For 25 years, Kate Janetzki enjoyed her career in the travel industry. When COVID-19 hit and the travel industry was turned upside down, her employer was forced to close the office.

“I absolutely love it. It is really the best thing that has ever happened to me, the thing I love the most is making a difference."

We value our Volunteers

Trevor is a jack of all trades. For nearly a decade, the Gippsland based volunteer has provided a helping hand for Uniting’s services across the region.

“Uniting is very lucky to have him onboard as a volunteer and I’m lucky to call him a friend.”

We value our Volunteers

From humble beginnings as a tea and coffee service, NoBucks has grown into something much more meaningful for some Hobart locals.

“I believe we are there to help people in their time of need. And I always follow the three P’s. I don’t preach, pry or presume. We are simply there to listen if needed."

We value our Volunteers

When Nicole started volunteering to overcome the isolation caused by COVID-19 lockdowns, she had no idea the opportunities it would open.

“I was struggling during lockdowns and I didn’t feel like myself. The volunteering role definitely helped improve my mental health.”

How you can support us.