Alcohol & other drugs

We work alongside people experiencing the effects of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) use, on their path to wellness and recovery.

Wellness and recovery services

  • Residential, community and justice system withdrawal programs
  • Confidential counselling and guidance
  • Services for people with current or previous contact with the justice system
  • Long-term treatment plans
  • Group support and therapeutic programs
  • Hepatitis C Outreach Clinic.

Professional services, education and training

We provide information and advice to other health and welfare agencies who work with clients experiencing AOD issues.

We are a leading provider of education and training services for the AOD, mental health, allied health and community services sectors, as a Registered Training Organisation.

Family reunification program

We’re here for families to ensure they have the best chance of being reunified with their children.

Our Family Reunification Program is designed to give prioritised support to individuals with alcohol and other drug conditions as part of their Family Reunification Order.

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