Alcohol and other drug services
Harm reduction

Working with you to reduce drug-related harm.

We work with people who are using any substance that has the potential for overdose related harm.

Harm Reduction and Overdose Prevention

Overdose is preventable.

If you want to reduce the harms associated with substance use, including preventing overdose, we can help. 

We offer:
Harm Reduction and Overdose Prevention Program

We work with individuals, families, and other service providers to raise awareness and reduce the risk of fatal and non-fatal overdoses in the community. We work with people aged 16 years and above.

We can provide you with education and training on preventing overdose and can assist you to access and learn to use take-home Naloxone, which is highly effective in reversing opioid overdoses.

Needle and Syringe Program

Often known as an ‘NSP’ or a ‘needle exchange’ the Needle and Syringe Program  aims to reduce the spread of viruses often caused by sharing equipment. You can safely access items at no charge onsite at our Coburg location. 

Naloxone Training

Our specialist Overdose Prevention staff offer Naloxone training for people using substance, families and significant others of people using substances, as well as training sessions in professional settings.

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