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Whether you're in Melbourne or regional Victoria, we can help you to access accommodation when you need it most.


Housing services in Victoria.

If you are looking for secure longer-term housing, we may be able to help.

Community housing

We manage a range of government-subsidised (also known as social housing) housing around Victoria. This type of housing is allocated to people who are registered with the Victorian Housing Register. We can help you apply.

You may be able to access government-subsidised housing if you are:

Affordable housing 

We also manage affordable housing which is available for people on low to moderate incomes. You do not have to be registered on the Victorian Housing Register, but you will need to meet other criteria.  See Affordable Housing for more information. 

Retirement living 

We provide independent community living options for people 55+ across metropolitan Melbourne and Gippsland. Visit Retirement Living for more information. 

Our Residents

Already one of our residents? Find important information about your tenancy and the latest news on Our Residents page.

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Housing FAQs

Social housing is a broad term that applies to subsidised housing including: 

  • public housing owned and managed by the Government  
  • community housing is owned and managed by not-for-profit community housing providers like us.   

Social/public housing is allocated to people on the Victorian Housing Register. The majority of community housing is also allocated this way. We can help you apply.  

Another option is affordable housing, managed by not-for-profit community housing providers like us. This type of housing is available for people on low-moderate incomes.  You don’t have to be on the Victorian Housing Register to apply. 

Affordable housing is available to low-moderate income earners.  You don’t have to be on the Victorian Housing Register to apply for this type of housing. We generally advertise affordable housing on our Affordable Housing page as it becomes available.  We also advertise on external real estate websites. There are some criteria you need to meet: 

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. 
  • Be currently employed. 
  • You do no not own real estate. 
  • Your annual income falls within these limits: 
  • Single: $57,565-$64,020
  • Couple: $88,036-$96,03
  • Family group: $118,768-$134,450.

For more information, visit Affordable Housing.

We develop affordable housing projects that are socially, environmentally and financially sustainable. We operate in areas of need where there is a shortage of alternative options.   

We partner with governments, businesses, communities, and Uniting Church congregations to explore community need and develop housing options.   

Uniting Housing is a registered community housing provider which is part of Uniting Vic.Tas . To find out more about the housing we are building visit Uniting Housing.

Go to Community Housing for more information and to learn about the Victorian Housing Register.  

Or for Affordable Housing, go to our page to see what is available.

If we can’t assist you in locations where you are looking for housing, see a full list of social housing providers in Victoria. 

You can also use AskIzzy to find suitable housing options in your area. 

If you are unsure of what housing you may be eligible for, you can use the Housing Options Finder by Housing Victoria.