Advocating for change.

As part of our mission to inspire people, enliven communities and confront injustice, we raise a collective voice to speak up for those who may not be heard.

Raising a voice and restoring community​

Uniting for a cause.​

At Uniting, we come alongside our consumers, striving to inspire people, enliven communities and confront injustice. 

Positive change is possible if we work together. Speaking up and standing as one, we can influence our world and protect our most vulnerable people. 

'Cant afford to live' research report

Launched on the 19 October 2022 research was undertaken by Uniting in partnership with the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University of Technology in order to better understand the impact of cost of living rises on consumers of community services.

The data is based on a diverse cohort of 112 consumers including people on income support, as well as people working full-time, parents, carers and retirees.

We found:
  • 92% of respondents were cutting back on food and groceries due to cost
  • 70% were unable to eat well
  • Parents, carers and people with a disability were skipping meals even if cooking for others
  • Two thirds reported pressure from the rising cost of energy bills
  • Half of respondents were cutting back on heating
  • One in two were experiencing mental health impacts
  • Half of respondents reported impacts on their housing situation with Tasmanians 25% more likely to report impacts on their housing situation
  • Women were more frequently experiencing cost pressures and were more negatively impacted across life areas than men

There are some days that I can’t go out in the car due to the cost. We can’t afford to have the heater on at night. We use blankets and our house has damp. We can’t afford to use electricity at night. We use torches instead of turning the lights on. The kids can’t have baths any more”

This research provides evidence that the rising cost of living is deepening financial, housing and food insecurity, and impacting mental and physical health, while also increasing social isolation.

By delivering a strong consumer voice in our advocacy work, we include:

Your voice

Consumers are heard by decision-makers

Your experience

Our advocacy is based on lived experience.

Your choices

Consumers share in the decision making about our advocacy.

Advocacy in action.

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Research and advocacy
Putting evidence to work.

To strengthen community services across Victoria, Uniting has partnered with Swinburne University of Technology.

Professor Erin Wilson has stepped in as the Uniting Kildonan Chair in Community Services Innovation. Based in the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) at Swinburne, Professor Wilson is leading a research program in social innovation and community services.

Advocacy submissions, papers and reports

We engage directly with government, legislature and other stakeholders to confront injustice and raise issues of importance to Uniting consumers.

We work alongside our consumers and Uniting staff to produce policy positions and submissions to inquiries, royal commissions and government planning

Campaign and partners

We enter into partnerships with like-minded organisations, to increase public awareness of issues and influence public debate.

We also seek to influence governments to improve public policy and increase investment into underfunded public services. This includes partnership with the broader Uniting family of agencies. 

We work within sector alliances to amplify influence, reach and impact on key issues of interest to consumers. 

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