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Jude Munro

Jude Munro is experienced in guiding large complex organisations both as a non-executive director and CEO. She has been board chair of Australia’s fourth largest water utility, a State Planning Authority, a director of a national aviation business, an airport, a state transit authority, a bus company, a development company, and a director of one of Australia’s largest not-for-profits with a $1.3B budget and chair of Australia’s first pride centre. She also provides advice to organisations on strategic planning, governance and leadership.

Jude mentors CEOs and assists organisations in selection and CEO performance reviews. Her last CEO position was as CEO of Brisbane City Council for 10 years. She led the Council with its $2.6 billion annual budget, 9000 employees and planning and delivering infrastructure projects, bus and ferry services, regulatory and other municipal services for 1.2 million people. She served three Lord Mayors in that time. She has been CEO of two capital city Councils – Adelaide and Brisbane, as well as Moreland and St Kilda.

Jude’s experience with the Uniting Church community services includes being a Director of UnitingCare Queensland from 2010 to 2016.

jude munro smiling in portrait

Mark Heintz

Mark has 15 years’ experience as a CEO and in senior leadership roles specialising in FMCG and the Australian Food and Agri Sectors.

Formerly a crisis intervention counsellor, he has extensive leadership experience in large-scale business turnaround, change management, strategic planning
and conflict resolution.

Mark has participated in Leadership Victoria’s Williamson Community Leadership program and has been awarded the St James Ethics Centre Fairfax Fellowship, and the University of Melbourne Asia-Link Business Leaders Scholarship. Formerly the vice president of Cycling Victoria and chair and board member of Lentara Uniting Care.

Linda McCrorey

Linda is the Principal Consultant at Enhancing Quality Services Consulting where she partners with notforprofit health and community services organisations

with a focus on community health, disability, women’s health, aged care, sexual assault, Aboriginal, and alcohol and drug services.

A graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Linda has worked as an accreditation assessor and is committed to assisting organisations ensure the services they provide are accessible, safe, strive for best practice, and meet the diverse needs of their community.

Julia Mason

Julia is the cofounder of Equity JV, a consulting firm which advises investors and decisionmakers on gender lens investing, and is a NonExecutive Director of the Transport Accident Commission,

Sparkke Group Holdings and Community 21. She has deep business knowledge developed through a career spanning finance, corporate strategy, and marketing, and has lectured in corporate finance with the Securities Institute of Australia.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a director, Julia has previously served as cochair of Community Sector Banking Service and Community Sector
Enterprises, chair of the Victorian State Emergency Services and One in Five, and as nonexecutive
director of VicUrban.

Jo-Anne Moorfoot

JoAnne was most recently the Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance which provides practical governance support to all health services.

She has extensive experience in the health sector and has held senior leadership positions at both the Austin and Monash Health. JoAnne has a strong background in quality, safety and risk management, and a passion for improving consumer outcomes.

An experienced nonexecutive director, she is a member of Women on Boards and is on the board of West Gippsland Healthcare Group. JoAnne is a graduate of the Australian Institute of
Company Directors and has completed the Leadership Victoria Folio Community Leaders’ program.  

Alistair Macrae

Alistair is a Uniting Church Minister who has served congregations across rural, regional and inner urban settings. He has previously held the positions as Uniting Vic.Tas Synod moderator (20002003)

and as president of the Uniting Church in Australia National Assembly (20092012).

Alistair has served as a director on the Wesley Mission Victoria Board, and he chaired the Transition Board for Frontier Services. Alistair has degrees in arts, theology and philosophy.

Kirby Clark

A professional director, Kirby is the Chair of Newcastle Airport, the former nonexecutive director at Ballarat Health and Eastern Health, and former deputy CEO and CFO at Melbourne Airport.

  He has also held executive roles in sectors including forestry, finance, and professional services. With experience in change management, business turnarounds, governance, and strategic planning. 

Kirby has consulted for a range of commercial and notforprofit organisations. Kirby is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a qualified Chartered Accountant in both Australia and Canada. 

Anne Garrow

A Board member of Star Health, Anne has extensive experience in the management and governance of community organisations that address inequality.

She holds degrees in commerce, social work, governance and public health, and has worked as a family therapist. Anne has extensive experience in the community sector, including research, evaluation and community work in Aboriginal health services in remote, regional and urban Australia.

A lifelong member of the Uniting Church, Anne is
currently the Treasurer of the South Port Uniting Church Council, of which she was the inaugural CEO.

Jessica Hateley-Browne

Jessica is a Portfolio Manager at the Susan McKinnon Foundation, a non-partisan, philanthropic organisation building Australia’s long-term capacity to meet social and economic challenges.

Formerly on the board of Many Rooms, she has leadership experience across academia, government, social-purpose consulting, and philanthropy. Jessica holds an adjunct appointment with the Monash University School of Medicine, Nursing, Health Sciences.

She has postgraduate qualifications in health psychology and workplace leadership, and has been published in top-tier national and international academic journals in fields including public health and social work. Jessica is a member of the Uniting Church’s Act2 National Steering Committee and has served on the Standing Committee for the Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Victoria and Tasmania. She is currently the Chair of the Church Council at the Northcote Uniting Church.

Mark Rearick

Mark is a NonExecutive Director of the Australian Battery Industry, a notforprofit association which promotes responsible environmental management of batteries at endoflife.

A graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Mark has extensive experience at executive and board levels both nationally and internationally, a strong background in general, financial, and strategic management, as well as experience in leading largescale strategic transformations. Mark is a former chair of Ford Blue Mach Technologies (an electric vehicle startup in China) and former executive qdirector of Ford Australia. He is a longtime member of St Leonards Uniting Church in Brighton.

David Cant

David is Co-Chair of Under 1 Roof, a consortium of housing and support agencies based in Brisbane, and the Chair and Independent Director of PowerHousing Australia, a membership organisation for 38 of the largest community housing providers in Australia.

David led the team which created the Brisbane Housing Company, now the largest registered community housing provider in Queensland, where he was CEO (2002-2017). Prior to coming to Australia in 2000, David worked in the UK’s community housing sector. David was a member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Homelessness (2009-2013) and an inaugural director of the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (2018-2021).

Our Executive.


Bronwyn Pike

Bronwyn Pike is the CEO of Uniting Vic.Tas and has extensive experience across the public, private and community services sectors.

Bronwyn was the Victorian State Member of Parliament for Melbourne from 1999 to 2012. Her 13-year parliamentary career included 11 years as a Minister for Housing, Aged Care, Community Services, Health, Education and Skills.

Before entering parliament in 1999, she was the Director of Justice and Social Responsibility in the Synod of Victoria, which provided children, youth, family and aged care services as well as social justice advocacy.

Bronwyn has considerable governance experience at national and state level. She has chaired the Boards of Western Heath, the South Australian Urban Renewal Authority (Renewal SA) and UnitingCare Australia and has been a Board member of Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Leap In! and Uniting NSW.ACT.

Bronwyn is a lifelong member of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Director of Mission

Rev John Clarke

John brings to Uniting Vic.Tas demonstrated church leadership as well as considerable experience in project management, strategic thinking, practical theology and adult education. Prior to joining Uniting Vic.Tas, he was Director of Mission with Uniting AgeWell.

General Manager, Housing & Property

Kristie Looney

Kristie is an experienced leader within the not-for-profit, social enterprise and social service sectors working at the forefront of cross-sectoral collaboration to drive positive change.

Kristie has a depth of experience creating partnerships across business, philanthropy, government and the social sectors. She leads strategic decision making and brings together diverse teams to develop practical solutions to end homelessness.

Kristie was the co-founder of a social-enterprise real estate business that generates profit to build homes for women and children at risk of homelessness. She applies her leadership and governance skills as a not-for-profit board member with Tenants Victoria.

Kristie has a passion for social justice and a strong commitment to redressing inequality in the housing sector.

General Manager, Quality & Compliance

Amy Padgham

​Amy has spent the last 20 years working with people experiencing vulnerabilities across the health, disability, aged and community sectors. Before joining Uniting Vic.Tas in 2019, she held senior roles at EACH, the Multiple Sclerosis

Society and Eastern Health. Amy is a Registered Nurse: prior to entering into Quality she was a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Gerontology and lectured at Monash in the Masters of Nursing program. She was appointed to the Executive Leadership Team in July 2020, with responsibility for our focus on quality, compliance and risk.