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Consumer Partnerships

We value lived experiences.

Let’s work together to improve and change our services.

Consumer Partnerships

Working together to improve our services

Consumer Partnerships are a way for our consumers and staff to work together as equals to improve service planning, design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation.

Consumer Consultants are people who have used our services in the past, or currently use a service, and now share their expertise and lived experience to advocate for change.

Consumer Consultants work on a range of activities including:

There are are many benefits to becoming a consumer consultant

Computer and internet access are necessary for some activities. We ask that you be available for 1 activity a month for 12 months. Activities usually take a few hours. You might work on local projects in a program or service area, or on Uniting-wide projects.

You can be involved in a way that suits your availability. We will work with you to make any reasonable adjustments so you can take part. 

Thank you

Uniting would like to extend a huge thank you to all the Consumer Consultants who have partnered with us and shared their experiences to bring about change.