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Consumer Partnerships

We value lived experience.

Let’s work together to improve and change our services.

Consumer Partnerships

Working together to achieve Uniting’s purpose by sharing voice, power and action.

Consumer Partnerships are a way for consumers and carers to influence direct, or decide who we are, what we do and how we do it.   

Consumer Partners are people who have used our services in the past, or currently use a service, and now share their expertise and lived experience to advocate for change. Carer Partners are people who provide support and care to a family member or friend who accesses Uniting services or who access Uniting carer services.

Consumer Partners work with our staff in many ways, including:

There are are many benefits to becoming a consumer partner

Computer and internet access are necessary for some activities. We ask that you be available for 1 activity a month for 12 months. You might work on local projects in a program or service area, or on Uniting-wide projects. 

You can be involved in a way that suits your availability. Speak with us about your accessibility requirements so we can provide support to participate in our activities. 

At Uniting we celebrate diversity! We welcome all people regardless of ethnicity, faith, age,  

disability, culture, language, gender identity or sexual orientation. 

Thank you

Uniting would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the Consumer Partners who have partnered with us and shared their experiences to bring about change.