Whistleblower Policy

Uniting is committed to ensuring everyone working at or with Uniting feels safe and supported, and that we are all working to maintain the highest standard of behaviour in all the work we do.
We have introduced our new Whistleblower Policy to ensure that everyone linked to Uniting is able to report any misconduct or wrongdoing in our organisation if ever confronted with a situation that goes against Uniting’s values and desired work practices.
The Uniting Whistleblower Policy outlines our commitment to protecting our workforce, ensuring people can do what is right, knowing they will be supported and treated fairly throughout.

This Policy has been established to:

  • Encourage the reporting of potential wrongdoing alongside other established internal reporting mechanisms,
  • Provide guidance as to how to report potential wrongdoing;
  • Identify mechanisms for receiving and investigating disclosures;
  • Ensure the protections and support that eligible whistleblowers may receive;
  • Where relevant, to meet legal and regulatory obligations; and
  • Help to ensure that Uniting maintains the highest standards of ethical behaviour and integrity.
The policy applies not just to our workforce but also includes:
  • Former employees
  • Contractors
  • Employees of contractors
  • Associates
  • Trustee
  • Relatives or dependants of our workforce and those outlined above
Uniting’s Whistleblower Protection Officers are the Executive General Manager, Performance & Integration, and Senior Manager, Compliance Policy & Procedure.


Contact: Whistleblower Protection Officer
Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited
Level 6, 250 Victoria Parade East Melbourne VIC 3002
Tel: (03) 9192 8100
Email: whistleblowerprotectionofficer@vt.uniting.org

Please view our Whistleblower policy for an explanation of how we will conduct any whistleblower investigation, and the safeguards we have in place to protect any whistleblower.
If you have issues accessing this document, please contact us at whistleblowerprotectionofficer@vt.uniting.org