Alcohol and other drug services
Education courses

Education to prevent alcohol and other drug related harm.

We offer a range of education courses for people who want to understand the impacts of alcohol and other drug use or are considering making a change.

Alcohol and other drug education programs

Education courses for making a change.

We offer a range of education programs for individuals, parents and families that can help them make better decisions and understand the realities and challenges of alcohol and other drug use.

Our alcohol and other drug courses:

These 2.5 hour education courses are free to attend and available to anyone wanting to learn more about substance use – either their own, or someone else’s – and may help people consider making changes. The courses are also designed for people who are on a diversion order from the court.

Content of the courses focuses on recognising risks when using substances, such as physical and mental health, relationships, risky behaviours, and legal consequences. They cover a range of strategies to support people to cut down, stop or maintain changes they’ve made.

The courses are delivered online or in person at a range of locations across Victoria.

People who complete the course receive an official Certificate of Attendance, which can be provided to the courts to meet legal requirements for some diversion orders.

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