A drive for difference: Jasdeep’s happiness stems from helping others.


May 20, 2024

It was working amidst the pumps and petrol fumes of a service station in southeast Tasmania that Jasdeep reached the revelation that something had to be done.

“I was working at a petrol station in Hobart, and I was seeing how people were struggling to afford food or didn’t have a home to go back to.

“After seeing this I thought I should do something.”

With a determination to effect change in her community, Jasdeep enrolled into a Diploma of Community Services and found herself volunteering at the Uniting Emergency Relief centre in Hobart.

She marvelled at how gratifying this work was.

“The best thing was seeing the smile on people’s faces,” she said.

“To see how happy and grateful they were for support. It made me feel like I was doing something right.”

The national cost-of-living crisis and housing emergency has seen many Tasmanians plunged into a state of desperation as they worry how they will keep their pantries stocked and afford to keep a roof over their heads.

“I see so many people come through our Uniting services and say they haven’t eaten for two or three, sometimes even four, days. It’s so disturbing,” said Jasdeep.

“When we provide them food or vouchers, they sometimes cry and ask to hug you. They are so pleased, so happy. I can’t even put it into words.”

Volunteering with Uniting has helped Jasdeep and her family gain a newfound appreciation for their own life circumstances.

“This work has had a huge impact on my son too,” says Jasdeep.

“Sometimes my son, who is turning five, would come to volunteering with me if there wasn’t anyone at home to look after him.

“After that, he started valuing the things that he has. Now he always says, ‘Mama I have enough. Mama, take these toys next time, you can give them to the other kids who need them.’

“He is also always saying to his Dad not to waste food.”

Through volunteering Jasdeep has found her passion for helping others.

“Everyone needs to work for money but if we get the chance to do volunteer work, we can learn how to help people. That’s where real happiness comes from, helping others,” she said.

“Even if you can only volunteer for a few hours, it will still impact your whole life and perspective.

Learn more about volunteering at Uniting.

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