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Hobart Community Support Services.

Uniting Vic.Tas works directly with the Hobart community to provide specialised services to help empower people of all ages and backgrounds to work towards a brighter future. With our various services, we hope that everyone can live capably and confidently as well as feel connected to the wider community.

Our Hobart Community Services

Conveniently located in central Hobart, our Melville street service provides emergency food & material relief programs to provide those experiencing financial difficulties with the support they require.  

58 Melville Street, Hobart Directions
Emergency Food & Material Relief

Anyone can experience financial hardship so having access to compassionate and practical support is important. We at Uniting Vic.Tas Hobart are committed to ensuring that you have right assistance through our emergency relief programs which are available Monday and Tuesday 9:30am to 12:30pm. 

In the case of requiring immediate support, our emergency food vouchers and material aid relief program can help you get back on your feet. We can provide access to groceries and non-perishable food, as well as personal care items and clothing. 

Our community meal program is known as ‘NoBucks’ and offers a nutritious sit down lunch on Monday to Friday from 12pm to 1:30pm. This program enables you to access a free meal in a supportive and caring environment.

Bills and Expense Assistance

If you are having difficulty in affording to pay for your bills and other basic essentials, we can provide you with relief through our bills and expense assistance program. Uniting Vic.Tas can help you pay for some bills including utility bills and back to school expenses. 

Energy Bills

Uniting Vic.Tas also has a free Energy Support program. If you are getting behind on your energy bills and need assistance to contact your retailer, set up an affordable payment plan, stop a disconnection notice, or understand how you can save money on your bills then call us on 1800 313 126 or email [email protected]. This is a free over the phone service, that anybody can access. 

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