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Disability Employment Services

Employment services for people living with injury, illness, or disability.

Disability employment

We match people with illness, injury, or disability with their passions.

As part of our greater disability services program, your disability employment journey starts with our job-matching experts getting to know you. Our personalised approach helps find out where you can use your strengths, in the type of career you’d be a good fit for.

Ask us about any of the following areas we can assist you with.

We’re passionate experts at connecting job seekers with employers, and creating meaningful work opportunities across communities.

What if I already have a job?

We actively help people that are currently employed but may need help with:

Disability employment provider locations

Step 1

Pick from our list of various locations of local disability employment support around Victoria and Tasmania.

Step 2

Give us a call or send a message, where we can then understand what you’re looking for that we can assist you with.

Step 3

Book a friendly chat with our local team to get a better idea of your current employment situation, and what you’d like to do.

Step 4

Our local team will work to identify new roles, training or transitions available to you!

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