Our partnership with PeoplePlus allows us to continue to offer job seekers a highly-tailored assistance in vocational training, employment preparation and work experience opportunities across Victoria and Tasmania.

Employer Partners

Employing a person with a disability can have great benefits for your business. We will work with you to provide reliable staffing solutions. The clients we place are dedicated, passionate and we can tailor candidates and the support they need to suit your business requirements. 

Referral Partners

Are you an organisation with clients needing specialized disability employment services? 

Uniting has a track record of partnering with organisations who are looking to support their clients to find jobs and access support services.  

Success stories

"Uniting are with me my way because they are supportive and are focused on my love for administration work."

Elena, Westgate Tunnel Project

"They help with a wide range of things, not just employment, and they're like friends to me."

Matthew, Uniting Heritage Services

"Uniting helped me gain work placement which led me into getting this job."

Christopher, Australia Post
Essendon Fields

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