School Leaver Employment Supports.

Our Pathways 2 Employment program supports school leavers living with a disability to build confidence, explore their goals, and plan for a bright future.

School leavers pathway

Pathways 2 Employment.

Navigate the path into work with Uniting’s School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) Pathways 2 Employment program.

We help each school leaver create an action plan that includes training, work and life skills focused on getting a job and reaching their life goals.

Our Pathways 2 Employment Program is with you every step of the way. 

We can help:
Join our team for a free short information session that will help you understand Uniting’s Pathways 2 Employment – known by the …

How do I enrol?

Check if you're eligible

School leavers with an NDIS plan can access School Leaver Employment Supports.

Contact us

Contact Uniting by filling out our contact form, calling 1300 090 989, or emailing us. We’ll take your details and connect you with a Pathways 2 Employment program running in your area.

Meet with us

You’ll meet with one of our Community Relations team, who will support you through the registration process.

Start your program

You’ll start SLES on the next available date. There is availability throughout the year.

Supports include:

When Lachlan joined Uniting’s Pathways 2 Employment group in Melton in 2022, setting off on a pathway to a career – let alone finding something he enjoyed – seemed beyond his reach.

“The big shift for him was starting hands on activities in work placement where he really shone and had the opportunity to show what he could do."

At the heart of Gotham Doughnuts, amidst the aroma of cinnamon and caramel and the symphony of clinking utensils, there’s a young man named Athas who is taking his first step to getting a job.

"Witnessing Athas happily participate in his work placement each week means the world to us. He loves working at Gotham Doughnuts...and has already gained so many valuable workplace skills”

Aiden, Leila, Nathan and Ramadan from Uniting Vic.Tas’ School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) program have had a fun fortnight working retail and hospitality jobs at 2024 Australian Open in Melbourne.

I feel so good about working in the retail space. It's really busy and my shift goes quickly, but I’m enjoying learning to use Point of Sale.

Ask any school leaver today how they feel about finishing school and taking the next big step into the world, and many will say ‘excited’, ‘nervous’, or ‘uncertain’. Leaving school and thinking about university or work can be daunting. Now imagine how a school leaver living with a disability might feel.

“I’ve learned a lot about work safety and my rights in the workplace. I’ve really enjoyed Pathways 2 Employment."

Neurodiversity refers to the diverse range of neurological differences that exist among individuals, including conditions such as ADHD, or dyspraxia. Individuals who are neurodiverse often face unique challenges in the workplace.
Uniting Op Shops across Melbourne are celebrating community collaboration and inclusivity, encouraging everyone to discover their unique style, personality and self-expression. Working with the Employment Services team, Uniting Op Shops are helping young people living with a disability make their way in the world.  

“It’s amazing to see [the SLES participants] develop a belief in themselves."

Kelli remembers being locked down in her home for two weeks without warning.
Uniting Vic.Tas is partnering with GOTAFE, NESAY Inc. and the Brotherhood of St Laurence to deliver a newly funded Education First Youth Foyer at Wangaratta.
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