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At Uniting Vic.Tas Broadmeadows, we work alongside people of all ages and at all stages of
life to empower them to live capably and confidently. We offer a range of services and
programs to help people experiencing crisis so they can work towards a brighter future.

Our range of Broadmeadows programs

Our 413-419 Camp Road location is home to a range of different community and outreach services including financial counselling, emergency relief, and housing support. See below for our full range of services and related information.

413-419 Camp Rd, Broadmeadows Directions

Financial hardship can strike at any time, so Uniting provides emergency relief services to those in need. We can provide you with nutritious community meals, bills and expenses assistance and food and material aid relief.

Please note that our operating hours for emergency relief services are from 10am to 12.30pm, Monday to Friday and by appointment.

Our financial counselling services are here to help you access the support you need and achieve financial security.
While our services are unable to completely take over your finances or offer investment advice, we can:
Provide information regarding payment obligations and creditors
Suggest options to deal with debts 
Help prioritise your bills and debts
Access referrals to other specialised services.
Financial Counselling (Gambling Harm)
Gambling can become a problem once a person is spending more time and/or money than they can afford. Our gambling harm counselling services enables those negatively affected by gambling to access confidential and specialised financial support.
Call us for support on 1300 882 035 or email [email protected].

Whether you or a family member requires drug and alcohol drug support, our counselling service enables you to access a range of support programs including individual and family counselling, detox and rehabilitation services, and youth services.

Our no interest loans enable you to access reasonable and fair loans to ensure you can afford essential items and services. Unlike our emergency relief services, our no interest loans are intended to help you fund household items, education and medical expenses. Eligibility and loan terms will be based on a case by case basis.

At Uniting Vic.Tas Broadmeadows we have a range of family and parenting services.

These services include: 

  • Case management and support for families needing assistance with their children’s health and wellbeing
  • Support for family/child relationships
  • Advocacy to access community services and supports
  • Child development programs
  • School readiness  programs
  • Support for  young children through regular shared parent-child activities
  • Social inclusion programs
  • Parent and skill development services.

As part of our parent and skill development services, we provide parents with support and development sessions so they can find work and further develop their parenting skills.

Communities for Children Hume Program 
Communities for Children (CfC) supports the early childhood development and wellbeing of families and children experiencing complex life circumstances in the City of Hume local government area. We provide a range of innovative and evidence-based services, with three main priority areas:
1. Preventing family violence
2. Helping children reach potential
3. Fostering community cohesion.
Contact us at [email protected].
Join the CfCH Facebook Group for community news & updates.
What eligibility criteria apply?
Children 0 to 18 years, their parents and families that live in the City of Hume.
Is the program self-referred or referral only?
Referred by self or others.
Child development/learning and school readiness (HIPPY)

A 2 year home-based program to help with school readiness for children starting in the year that the child is eligible to attend 3 year old kindergarten.

What eligibility criteria apply?

  • Care for a child turning three before 30th April
  • Have not done HIPPY before
  • Live in Merri-bek
  • Other priority of access criteria apply.

Every individual and family deserve to live in a home which is safe and affordable. Our private tenancy housing support services provide you with advocacy support so you are aware of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and can receive good and accurate information as well as advice.

Whether you are in need of a nutritious meal or want to feel more socially connected, our community meals program can provide you with an affordable or free meal when you need.

The Integrated Family Violence Program provides case management support to women and children who have experienced family violence.

What eligibility criteria apply?

  • Recent incident of family violence (within 3 months)
  • And/or current risk (e.g. historic family violence with current risk due to perpetrator’s release from prison).
  • Living in Hume/Moreland
  • Over 18 with or without children
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