Farida’s Story.


April 27, 2022

Farida learnt what it takes to be a carer from a young age.

As a child she watched her mother care for her grandma who lived with the family for many years.

Today, she too has taken on the role of carer for her own mother.

Farida understands it can be difficult to find a balance between being a carer, supporting a family and achieving one’s own personal goals.

But what her experience as a carer has taught her, is not to feel guilty about caring for herself.

She believes carers too deserve to feel confident pursuing their own goals and learn to accept support themselves.

Alongside her role as a carer, Farida works as a Carers Advocate in the Carers Employment Support Program (CESP) at Uniting.

Farida says it gives her “a sense of pride”, when she can support her carers to accomplish their professional, educational or personal goals.

Her specialist training and personal experience means Farida understands that carers all face their own set of unique challenges.

This is why she focuses on designing service plans which are specific to the needs of each individual carer.

“I look forward to meeting all the amazing carers who play such an important role in our society.

“I do hope to support them to find a bit of themselves while they are busy caring for their loved ones.”

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