An update from Jeremey


March 1, 2023

At 49 years of age, Jeremey found himself homeless and spent 18 months living rough in the bush near Ballarat.

Empowered by Uniting’s support, Jeremey has transformed his own life experience into an opportunity to advocate for and support others. He now works as the first Homelessness Peer Support Worker in Uniting’s Street 2 Home program.

Street 2 Home’s Team Leader, Stacey, says, “Jeremey was the missing piece of our Street 2 Home team, and we are so grateful for the work he does with us, for our consumers.”

Jeremey’s role is to assist clients to integrate back into the community and help break down barriers they may face when accessing services.

When asked about his new role, Jeremey shared, “I have the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had in my life.”

On top of this, Jeremey is also a facilitator in the Homelessness Advocacy and Reference Committee (HARC). This reference committee is operated by 10 current and previous clients of the Street 2 Home Program.

By listening to the voices of people who have experienced homelessness and rough sleeping, the committee come up with new ways to both address the housing crisis and help advice service providers.

Jeremey says, “I feel that HARC has provided a space for this group to have a real voice on issues big and small. I also feel that it is an extraordinary opportunity to give a real sense of purpose to all our members. The contribution and enthusiasm is amazing.”

Hearing stories like Jeremey’s provides an insight into the reality of homelessness, spreads awareness of the inequalities people face, empowers communities to step up and help and can bring hope to those in a similar position, knowing someone understands and they are not alone.

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Jeremey and Stacey thank you

Thank you for your overwhelming support last Christmas.

Your donations have pulled many out of crisis, provided them with food relief, a place to call home, mental health support, a sense of community, and most importantly, hope.

Street 2 Home’s Team Leader, Stacey, says, “People come into this service often in despair, not knowing who to reach out to for help or assistance. But having your donations provides security, they provide warmth and shows people that the community cares and that you’re behind them.”

Jeremey also wanted to share his thanks, “The generosity I’ve received, I’m just so grateful for.

“I was taken from the bush, I was put into a home.

“Just know there are some very grateful people out there.”

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