Thank you for standing with those in crisis.


August 21, 2023

We don’t always see it but behind closed doors many Australians are struggling. Through no fault of their own, the rising cost of living has pushed many families and individuals into crisis.

Thankfully your support this winter has made those tough times that little bit easier. Your donations have provided people in need with food relief, safe housing, mental health support and more.

“Things are getting harder for people,” said Senior Manager, Maidie.

“We are seeing a very high number of people contacting us because they’re struggling and there’s a big demand for all our programs. Everyone’s stories are different; everyone experiences crisis differently.”

Maidie explains how grateful her team are for donations.

“We are so thankful for any donation,” she said.

“Donations are a really practical way of supporting people doing it tough. It’s also lovely for people who come here to know that their community cares and want to help.”

We are so grateful for everyone who has dug deep to help us help others in winter.

Thanks from Nancy

Last time we spoke with Nancy* she bravely shared her story in our recent Winter Appeal.

Just over a year ago, she found herself alone and afraid for the future. She was a new migrant in Australia and having just left a violent marriage she was unsure who to turn to.

With Uniting’s support, Nancy is now happily living in her own apartment and completing a university degree in data analysis.

Today, meeting Nancy, you would never imagine the hardships she has faced. Her positivity and resilience are inspiring.

“Thank you so much Uniting for the amazing help you did in my life,” she said. “I’m so grateful and wish the same peace in my life for everyone.

“Everyone has challenges, down times in their life. Don’t give up. Life is like a heartbeat, it goes up, down, up, down.”

Ringwood Mazda show their support

Earlier this year, Ringwood Mazda partnered with Uniting’s Emergency Relief Service in Ringwood to raise vital funds for those facing crisis.

The business donated all proceeds from their International Women’s Day event in February and then donated a further $5,000 to Uniting in the months of May, June and July. Bringing their total donation to $20,000.

Team member at Uniting’s Ringwood service, Fleur, shared her gratitude to the Ringwood Mazda team.

“Ringwood Mazda’s donation has allowed us to purchase much needed non-perishable food to keep our client pantry stocked over winter,” she said.

“The number of people presenting to our service for food relief has greatly increased over recent months due to the rising cost of living, and without the generosity of the dealership we would find it difficult to support everyone who needs our assistance.”

Support those who need it most. Donate now.

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