Monica’s story


April 4, 2024

Monica has been living in her Uniting home for 12 years.

“On my 28th birthday I received the news that I was accepted. I’m 39 now. It was exciting. I was the
happiest I have ever felt” says Monica. “I loved that Uniting were looking for people who had money
issues and couldn’t afford to live in other places.”

Monica lives with a disability and wanted the chance to live independently.

“Mum and dad were caring for me since day one. I got to a point where I was very ready to
experience the world on my own and live an independent life” says Monica.

Monica has a permanent home with Uniting.

“It’s so awesome to have this special place as home, and to know that I can stay here until I’m ready
to move out” says Monica. “I feel very supported and I love that my support workers can come into
my unit.”

Monica’s home is full of colourful abstract paintings and handmade ceramics.

“I’m an artist. I make colourful abstract art that makes me happy. I think my art work is happy, fun
and tells a story. My whole wall is covered in art.”

Art is Monica’s passion and also her job.

“I work with Fire and Clay, a Uniting Social Enterprise, two days per week. I have worked there 14 or
15 years” says Monica.

“I do hand building ceramics and make things out of clay, make garden art and wall hangings” says
Monica. “I love my job. I love that every item we make came from a block of clay. After hours and
hours put into it you come up with something very beautiful.”

Fire & Clay is a Uniting Social Enterprise that has been providing meaningful employment and a sense
of community for people living with disability for more than 30 years. For more information visit

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