Lucy’s story


April 21, 2024

Lucy fled domestic violence needing a safe place to call home.

“My situation resulted in me fleeing from family violence and living in crisis accommodation” says Lucy. “I moved 18 times over two and a half months, hiding from the perpetrator, who was in pursuit of me.”

Lucy was able to access support from Uniting to find a safe, short-term home to get back on her feet.

“My transitional housing worker helped me find some accommodation in a remote town. I was new to that town and didn’t know anyone” says Lucy.

“The Uniting property manager met with me, and it was a lovely surprise to see it fitted out with bedding and kitchen accessories” says Lucy. “It was just enough to get me started, to be able to cook and do my cleaning. That was a welcoming beginning.”

Not knowing where you’re going to live day to day is something no one should have to experience.

“You can’t organise yourself very well when you’re living out of your car” says Lucy. “My Uniting home was a good steppingstone for me, because it allowed me to take a breath and settle for a brief period while I was able to actively look for work and somewhere else to live and get some confidence.”

“For me, just to be able to unpack the car was important” says Lucy. “My uniting home was a godsend.”

After just three months, Lucy has gained employment and found ongoing, stable accommodation.

“My home provided a safe base for me” says Lucy. “The new place is closer to my friendship group and employment.”

“I don’t think I would have managed to gain employment or organise getting a new place without the steppingstone that the Uniting property gave me.”

This is a true story about a real person. Some details such as names have been changed to respect the wishes of the person featured. The photo accompanying this story is for illustrative purposes only. It is not a photo of the person featured in this story.

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