Carer Gateway Writing Competition


April 22, 2024

In March, the Carer Gateway team at Uniting organised a heartwarming writing competition for the dedicated unpaid carers within their program.

Recognising the immense value of a carer’s journey, filled with unique experiences, challenges, and moments of profound insight, they provided a platform for carers to share their stories. These stories have the power to not only inspire and educate but also uplift others who walk a similar path. The writing competition offered a remarkable opportunity to showcase the incredible work that carers do and connect with fellow individuals who truly understand the journey firsthand.

Carers were encouraged to express their personal experiences, reflections, or moments of triumph in either a short essay or poem. The Carer Gateway team meticulously reviewed each submission, considering creativity, originality, and emotional impact to determine the winners of the competition.

After thorough consideration, the winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes have been chosen, with a tie for 3rd place between two deserving individuals. Each winner demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity in their submissions, eloquently depicting their heartfelt caregiving experiences. Below, you can discover the inspiring works of the winners:

1st place – Ann Carroll – ‘Finding Joy’

2nd place – Lana Bedford – ‘Knitting’

3rd place – Elise Davies – ‘It’s Just Algorithms’

Tied with Claire Weaver – ‘Screaming Obscenities’

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