Team Life Cycle rides the Murray to Moyne


May 6, 2022

After cycling for 19 hours across two days, covering 1494.5kms, and consuming over 20 litres of water, Team Life Cycle have ridden the Murray to Moyne (M2M) relay event. All while raising $4,295 for Uniting’s mental health services.

Team captain, Chris ‘Morf’ Morfoot, shares with us details of the ride.

Despite losing two team members to Covid-19 isolation, we did it! What an event!

Conditions were mild, even occasionally favourable, allowing the team to average nearly 30kms per hour on Saturday and 29kms on Sunday.

Friday morning was hectic, as bikes, camping equipment and supplies were loaded up in preparation for the giant ride ahead.

Once arriving in Echuca, we set up, registered, and did a warmup ride to prepare our legs for what lay ahead.

On Saturday, the first day of the event, the team rose at around 6am and gathered around the starting line which was a hive of activity.

In total 18 teams left Echuca, with five leaving from Mildura and eight from Swan Hill.

We all set off, with a lead car in front and a tail car behind which managed the spread of cyclists across the route.

As you can imagine everyone rode at different speeds, so it didn’t take long for the teams to spread out as much as 60kms at times.

Team Life Cycle’s relay went well, with each team of two doing six legs of between 23 to 28kms each.

Thankfully, apart from sore limbs and the occasional cramp, everyone came into Hamilton, the overnight stop, tired but in good spirits.

Hamilton is where all three routes merged, so there were bikes and Lycra gear everywhere!

The next morning, we were all up from around 5.30am as the ride to Port Fairy commenced at 7am.

On Sunday, the whole team was on the road riding the full 96kms.

Whilst the weather at times looked threatening, the rain held off, which was a blessing.

The team cruised into Port Fairy about 10.45am, elated to be there and glad to begin the celebrations.

After a leisurely afternoon the team had a celebratory dinner, and all toasted to a successful ride, with ALL looking forward to the 2023 event.

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