Superheroes step up


March 28, 2023

The April 2023 Murray to Moyne is almost upon us.

And Team Life Cycle is ready for the starting line, vital support crew at their sides.

“We call them Batman and Robin,” said Team Life Cycle’s captain, Chris ‘Captain America’ Moorcroft.

“Without their incredible efforts there’s no way we could do the event.”

The classic Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay runs on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April.

The team will cycle 520 kilometres altogether, all the way from Echuca to Port Fairy.

Team Life Cycle has three groups of three riders.

Each group rides six one-hour legs in relay fashion over the first day before coming together to ride the last 90 kilometres to the finish line in Port Fairy on the Sunday as one team.

The support crew of ‘Batman’ and ‘Robin’ are split across two vehicles. One drives the lead vehicle in front of the riders and the other drives the bus behind.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make the team event-ready and fully prepared with as much planning as possible to take the worry out of the unexpected.

“Batman, or Chris Manson in real life, is the logistical guru,” explains Chris Moorcroft.

“He even designed and built our specially-made bike trailer.

“And equally important for us riders is Chris’s ride plan. He has carefully plotted every changeover point and rest stop and he co-ordinates all of us between the two support vehicles.

“He keeps a close eye on each team and their average speed, so we stay on track through the Saturday legs and keep up with our planned eta.

“Then Robin, or Adrian Dalzotto in real life, is our newest support crew member and we’re thrilled to have him on board.

“His mission is to pilot the lead vehicle carrying the next rotation of riders for each team to their changeover point and make absolutely sure they are ready to go, bike and rider.”

The Dynamic Duo also keep a close eye on all the riders’ safety while navigating the day and night driving.

They assist and are prepared for no less than 18 team relay changeovers over the course of the Saturday so they must always have their wits about them.

Hats Off to the Dynamic Duo, they’re real superheroes and the riders of Team Lifecycle simply couldn’t do it without you!

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