Amazing response to consumer experience survey.


February 23, 2023

We’ve had a great response to our first consumer experience survey. The results show 83% of our consumers think the quality of our service delivery is either good or very good.

More than a thousand people responded and it’s heartening to hear they felt listened to and respected.

It is important for us to know we are delivering on our promise to consumers. The results and insights will influence our ongoing improvement planning.

The survey results show that 88% of respondents felt treated with dignity and respect, and 86% felt welcomed and accepted and safe to be open and honest.

We recruited consumer partners to help us design the survey to make it clear and easy to complete.

Nina is a consumer involved in the survey design. She says the results were better than expected and they’re worth celebrating.

“The results are great. It’s important employees and volunteers see the value of the services they deliver.

Nina says it’s important that we use the results to look at opportunities to further improve and provide ongoing support for consumers.

Another consumer, Simon says it was rewarding for him to speak to other consumers when he first accessed our services. He considers it vital consumers helped design the survey.

“We could see the questions through a consumer lens. We made recommendations on appropriate and inviting language. That encouraged consumers to take part,” Simon says.

Responses show we are living our values: imaginative, respectful, compassionate, and bold.

Most people received the information they needed when approaching us. The results show they felt that we understood their situation and what they wanted to achieve. We listened and heard what consumers are saying.

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