Meet Christiane


May 21, 2018

As part of the Uniting St Mark’s Planned Activity Group for over a year, volunteer Christiane says it’s the people working and attending the group that keep her as passionate as she was on her first day.

“They are just wonderful,” reflects Christiane. “And I just love it, so I keep coming back. After all, why would you not do something you love!”

Uniting Wesley St Mark’s runs the activity group for older people living in the city of Monash, including those with disability and dementia. It could be a friendly conversation or sing-along, outings to local events and places of interest or

cooking up a healthy meal for lunch – whatever’s on the daily agenda, Christiane pitches in with a smile.

“I volunteer every Tuesday and Wednesday and I always look forward to it. The atmosphere around here is really warm and friendly, it makes you want to stay. And at the end of the day, if I can support someone for the better, help to change the life of people, it’s worth it.”

Christiane’s favourite part of her volunteering experience has been watching the companionship grow between participants and also with the volunteers.

“The conversations we share can be so special. The way you get to know one another during the activities and over a meal, those are the kinds of moments and memories that are priceless. It’s a beautiful place full of beautiful people.”

St Mark’s Team Leader Ethan Gankanda, says that the activity program is far richer thanks to the volunteers like Christiane.

“Our volunteers are really valued members of our team, and their support is what keeps these activities as varied and as enjoyable as they are. Not only is Christiane a friendly and sociable person, but she’s a tremendous help to our program! We are thankful for our volunteers and their contribution towards the growth of the program.”

We thank you Christiane, for your dedication and time and for your willing support for your local community

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