Meet Boris


May 21, 2018

After completing his studies in Australia, Boris moved back to Hong Kong to pursue a banking career. But something just didn’t feel right.

“I felt lost. I had all this knowledge, but I couldn’t help the people I would see in my role, not in the way I wanted to help them. These people just needed support to get them on track for a better future.”

Feeling unfulfilled, Boris made the move to Tasmania where his girlfriend was based. After he completed a Masters in Accounting, he thought of ways to use his knowledge and skills to contribute to his new Hobart community.

“Uniting found me from a website where I expressed interest to volunteer. I looked them up and read the words ‘confront injustice’ as part of their purpose, and those words struck me. I really liked that wording, and have found these words to be true.”

For two years, Boris has volunteered two to three days a week at Uniting Tasmania’s emergency services in Hobart.

On Tuesdays, Boris volunteers in the office getting to know clients and making sure they are provided with any essentials or immediate support they may need. On Thursdays, he heads to the foodbank to ensure the food is delivered out to the three Uniting sites. And Friday is for data entry support.

“Although we are different, we are all equal. My accent is different to local people, but I’m accepted as I am. I want that for others too. Their situation is not who they are, it is hopefully for a short time only, and we can help.”

Along with the close friendships formed over the years, Boris says his volunteering has also taught him a great deal about himself, and society.

“You’re not only helping others, you’re helping yourself. Opening your eyes to society and those around you. Volunteering is about helping each other. And if we cannot do much, at least we are doing something. And our future generations will see this.”

We could not be more grateful for your support, Boris!

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