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Bairnsdale Community Services.

If you require community services in Bairnsdale, you can trust Uniting Vic.Tas. We provide a wide range of services to ensure that all members of our community can be empowered to live capably and confidently. 

Our Bairnsdale Community Services

Located on 49 McCulloch Street, our Bairnsdale location offers a variety of programs and services including carer, foster care, youth services and more. You will receive compassionate and practical support from our dedicated team at Uniting Vic.Tas. 

We pledge to provide inclusive and non-discriminatory services and welcome people from all communities. Learn more about LGBTIQ+ inclusion at Uniting.

49 McCulloch Street, Bairnsdale Directions
HIPPY: Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters
HIPPY is a two-year (45-week) home-based early childhood enrichment program focusing on preparing children for school. HIPPY gives you access to fun, free tools and activities for you and your child – you’ll gain new skills and confidence and connect with other parents.
Parenting and Skills Development
Being a parent is a wonderful thing, but sometimes external factors can cause challenges. In Bairnsdale you can access our Trauma Informed Playgroups for recovery of young children and families from bushfires. The playgroup enables you to connect with other families and social support workers with similar lived experiences, so you can share, recover, learn and build confidence in parenting skills.
Access to Early Learning
Access to Early Learning (AEL) is an early intervention program that enables three-year-old children from families with complex needs to fully participate in quality, universal early education and care. Our experienced, qualified facilitator will help you get the best outcomes for your 3-year-old child.

If you can provide a safe, nurturing and stable home for a child in need, then foster caring may be for you. Our foster care service connects vulnerable children and young people with weekend respite, short-term and long-term care, as well as training and supporting suitable foster carers. 

Sometimes, a child or young person is unable to live with their family, but would like to remain with some familiar to them. Our kinship care program helps support relatives and members of a child or young person’s social network who are providing care for a vulnerable child or young person. You can access financial, legal and community support through our programs.  

In times of crisis, Uniting can provide you with emergency relief services and information on available community supports.
School Engagement Services
For some students, it’s easy to become disengaged with school and for attendance to rapidly drop. Our school engagement programs work with students in primary and secondary who are at risk of disengagement. Our programs encourage confidence and build on children’s strengths, enabling them to reconnect with their school community and find a renewed interest in their education.
Youth Employment & Training
If you are a young person who has experienced bushfire-related trauma you can access sustainable employment and training pathways through our Crisis Support Program in Bairnsdale.

Carer Gateway is a program for full-time, part-time and occasional unpaid carers which connects them to various short-term services. These services, such as peer and individual counselling, support planning, and respite, are intended to help manage your carer role and improve your general wellbeing. 

Contact Carer Gateway on 1800 422 737 to enquire about receiving support.

The Orange Door is a free service for adults, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced family violence, and families who need extra support with the care of children.  You don’t need a referral. Get in touch with us to find out more.

In an emergency dial 000 or see statewide out of hours services.

At Uniting Vic.Tas Bairnsdale, we offer family reunification services to parents who are experiencing alcohol and/or drug related issues and help them reunite with their children. We take the time to understand the unique situation and challenges faced by the family to ensure that there is adequate support, such as counselling and care and recovery coordination. This service can only be provided by referral from a child protection worker. 

If you are experiencing financial issues because of your own or someone else’s gambling, our specialised financial counselling service can help. Financial Counselling is a free service where information, options and support are provided to people experiencing financial difficulties. We can help you draw on your own resources, resolve problems and explore options to make life choices clearer.

Call us on 1300 882 035 or email [email protected] for support or to set up an appointment.

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