Linda and Craig’s inspiring journey as foster carers


August 9, 2023

Linda* and her husband, Craig* became foster carers as they strongly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment.

Prior to this, they had already raised eight children, three of whom were their biological children; and are now also proud grandparents.

Currently, Linda and Craig are caring for three siblings, aged ten, eight, and six, as well as a young boy who is nine years old.

The children come from different backgrounds and have had varying experiences, but Linda and Craig treat them all equally and provide them with the stability and support they need while they are unable to live with their parents.

“Foster care is just like having your own children, you’re giving kids what they need in life,” says Linda.

For Linda and Craig, looking after children has become a natural extension of their desire to help others in the community.

Now, several years on, neither of them can envision living their lives any differently.

When asked if she’d had any challenges so far, Linda chuckled, “No I haven’t, I totally enjoy it. I like kids and like to see their happy smiles.”

Playing a vital role.

Foster carers, like Linda and Craig, play a vital role in the lives of these children.

They provide them with a calm home environment, offer emotional support, and help to meet their physical and educational needs.

They also work closely with their Uniting caseworker and other professionals to ensure that the children are receiving enough support and their needs are getting met.

Right now, there is a growing need for more foster carers, particularly those who are willing to care for children with complex needs or disabilities.

Uniting welcomes foster carers from diverse backgrounds to provide a safe and nurturing home for vulnerable children and young people. Whether you can provide emergency accommodation, respite care, or ongoing support, we offer a range of opportunities to suit your preferences.

Register your interest with us today and our team will guide you through the application process.

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