Homeshare SHOUT Week


March 17, 2020

It’s Homeshare SHOUT Week to raise awareness of homesharing and its benefits.

Homesharing matches people who need companionship and some practical help to live at home (householders) with people who need accommodation (homesharers).

Homesharers provide companionship, an overnight presence and up to ten hours of practical help per week instead of rent.

Homesharers provide their own food and a share of utility bills.

Uniting’s Homeshare Program has successfully matched many householders and homesharers, like Eileen* and Naomi*.

At nearly 80, Eileen didn’t like being at home alone at night.

After reading an article in the newspaper, Eileen decided to call the Uniting Homeshare team.

Eileen was matched with Naomi, an international student in her late twenties who had recently moved to Melbourne.

“I was very happy after the four-week trial, and Naomi has now been living here for two years,” says Eileen.

“During this time, we have shared many laughs.”

“I couldn’t ask for a better young lady to share with, and I feel empowered being able to have a more interesting lifestyle.”

“She is great company and very good at helping me with the internet,” adds Eileen.

Naomi has also enjoyed the experience.

“Eileen is very open minded and young at heart. She makes my life so much more interesting,” says Naomi.

“We always try to entice each other to try something new.”

“We have spent two Christmases together and my parents have also visited us twice. We get along really well.”

“I would highly recommend the Homeshare Program to anyone who is longing for a life changing adventure,” adds Naomi.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, find out more information here or call us on 1300 277 478.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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