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Everyone deserves a secure place to call home. Uniting can provide you with homelessness and housing support services to find you a safe, affordable home.

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If you are homeless, at risk of losing your home, or struggling with finding somewhere affordable to live, we have a range of services to support you with: 

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Uniting Vic.Tas is urging the Federal Government to maintain critical funding for homelessness services already struggling to keep up with record demand and a housing crisis.

Hear the real story

An update from Jeremey.

At 49 years of age, Jeremey found himself homeless and spent 18 months living rough in the bush near Ballarat.

Hear the real story

Can’t afford to live.

Soaring rental and fuel prices alongside rocketing grocery receipts are trapping low-income families in a state of financial distress and pushing many deeper into poverty.

People can only live a safe and dignified life if they can afford life’s essentials and can live free from constant worry about how they will keep a roof over their heads and food on their table,

Uniting Vic.Tas is partnering with GOTAFE, NESAY Inc. and the Brotherhood of St Laurence to deliver a newly funded Education First Youth Foyer at Wangaratta.
The Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) called for contributions exploring the Victorian response to homelessness to feature in their September 2022 edition of Parity magazine.
Uniting Vic.Tas CEO, Bronwyn Pike today called on the major political parties in the upcoming Victorian Election to commit to an intergenerational step–change in funding social housing and homelessness services.
This week, Uniting Vic.Tas provided a submission to the consultation for the TasmanianHousing Strategy. In putting this submission together, we had the privilege of hearing directlyfrom Tasmanian consumers about their experiences with housing and homelessness.

"It's so hard to hear my four-year-old son say where are we staying, and that he wants to stay in a hotel not a van. I've never lived this way, and I've never pictured myself living this way. The only thing I'm trying to do is protect my three children.”

The latest edition of the Council to Homeless Persons Parity magazine gives a voice to the often-invisible group of people experiencing homelessness during pregnancy. Uniting Vic.Tas was honoured to host the launch of this edition last week, coinciding with the start of Homelessness Week.

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