Employment services
Social Housing Employment Program

Helping people in social housing find meaningful work.

Connecting you with jobs in your community.

Employment services

Social Housing Employment Program (SHEP).

The Social Housing Employment Program (SHEP) offers job placement, training and skills development into roles such as tenancy and property administration, security, facilities, gardening and grounds maintenance.

SHEP can help people living in social housing find employment in their local community.

We can help you with:

Full and part time jobs are available across the northern metro Melbourne area.

A full list of jobs are advertised through the Jobs Victoria hub.

Additionally, there are some jobs within Uniting’s social housing team.

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Hear the real story

Jeremey’s Story.

In the community

At 49 years old, Jeremey found himself sleeping rough.

“Looking back, I think lots of things melded together over a long period and led to my homelessness,”

Catherine's story

Catherine’s son, Luke, was diagnosed with autism in 2020. Her second child, Ben, was later diagnosed with developmental delay and is currently undergoing the autism spectrum disorder diagnostic proccess.

It’s a role that we didn’t ask for, that we didn’t choose, and it’s been thrown on us and we are coping with it as best we can.

In the community

At the beginning of February this year, Uniting was proud to be one of the six organisations chosen to offer the Lived Experience Peer Cadet Program. This employment opportunity is available for people with lived experience undertaking the Cert IV in Mental Health Peer Work.

Communities for Children Hume

Possum skin tells the story of strengthened tradition, cultural identity, and spiritual healing in Aboriginal communities.

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) and Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) has launched a new initiative designed to support jobs at scale in the Social Housing Sector. Uniting and Qualify are leading the delivery of the Social Housing Employment Program and are calling on social housing providers to be a part of the Program.   

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