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If your mental health needs some support, we can help find the right assistance for you.

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Mental health services

Improve your mental health.

Millions of Victorians have trouble from time to time with their mental health. Just because your mental health is your own, that doesn’t mean you have to manage it by yourself. Uniting provides a range of help to support wellbeing.

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Factors which can impact your mental health:

Stress: Many different situations and life events can cause stress such as finances, employment and health. We all deal with stress differently and our ability to cope can impact our mental health.

Work: The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture is one of the biggest challenges to society’s mental health, with one in five Australian workers currently experiencing a mental health condition.

Finances: There is a clear link between mental health and money troubles, with almost 16% of Australians revealing that they were affected by at least one or more financial stressors. Recognising financial woes and addressing them early can reduce impacts on our mental health.

Feeling anxious or worried: We all feel worried or stressed from time to time, but anxiety affects our mental health when these feelings become constant and interfere with our everyday life. If you are experiencing anxiety, you’re not alone, anxiety disorders affect two million Australians each year.

Feeling depressed or unhappy: Depression is a mood condition that affects more than 10% of Australians. Signs you may be experiencing depression include feeling sad or irritable for weeks, lacking motivation and energy, losing interest in your hobbies or feeling upset frequently.

Feeling isolated: Close to 15% of Australians expressed that they felt lonely or isolated in 2021. If you find yourself opting out of social activities or withdrawing from life you may need support with your mental health.

COVID: The pandemic has been tough for us all. Lingering restrictions like social distancing, physical isolation, the loss of social interactions and added stressors of remote work and schooling continue to pose challenges for our mental health.

Mental health services you can access :

If you are experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about suicide, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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