Mental Health Services
Social support

Support your mental health by connecting with others.

Build your skills, confidence and community connections with our social support groups and services.

Social support

Get by with a little help from some friends.

Looking to connect with others to support your mental health?

Discover our range of welcoming social support groups and services. 

St Kilda Engagement Hub

The St Kilda Engagement Hub offers a unique community service for adults with severe and enduring mental health issues.

The hub operates as a 'drop in' centre. Focussing on encouraging your individual strengths and abilities, our friendly team can support you to connect with a wide range of mental health services.

On site at the hub, you can access:

  • Daily meals
  • Laundry facilities and showers
  • Group outings
  • Workshops and activities - including art, drama, gardening, meditation, yoga, music, women's programs, writing and trivia.

You can also find a Faith Group and Case Management Support, along with regular visits from a dental service, optometrist and some clinical services, as required.

Carer Respite Support Group

If you're a carer for someone with a psychosocial disability, come and join our Carer Respite Support Group.

The value of a carer support group is realising you are not alone as a carer.

There are other people who know exactly what you might be experiencing who can offer support through reassurance.

Carer support groups are mutually beneficial and create a sense of community connectedness and shared experience.

Recovery and Wellbeing Group

Connecting with a Recovery and Wellbeing Group, you can learn, develop and practice a wide range of strategies and skills to support your wellbeing. 

You can:

  • Increase positive thinking
  • Improve optimism
  • Develop your sense of self-worth
  • Create positive change.
Skills Building Group

Offering a safe space and a listening ear, our Skills Building Group can help you to understand and manage difficult emotions and behaviours. Together, we'll learn to navigate life's challenging situations and increase our communication and relationship skills.

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