Mental Health Services
Residential Services

Residential services for mental health

Independent mental health accomodation options across Victoria for the support you need, when you need it.

Mental health residential accommodation

Our accommodation locations offer help with your mental health care. This includes treatments, rehabilitation programs, and extended care.

Group and one-on-one programs, community involvement, recovery for youth and young people, tenancy and life skills training. 

Residents at our locations work on daily personal development and living skills to become an active member of the community, and are encouraged to maintain or return to education and employment.

Supported housing opportunities

Support when you need it most.
  • Youth residential rehabilitation services for those 16-25 with mental health challenges. 
  • Supporting independent living for adults who struggle with mental health. 
  • Community placement for child safety, women and youth. 
  • Assisting people with day to day living who have mental health concerns. 
  • Short term residential support before or after a hospital admission for mental health concerns. 
  • Safe environments for people with mental health challenges.
  • Mental health assessments and treatment by specialists. 
  • Intensive support, psychosocial rehabilitation and problem solving with a focus on recovery. 

Our supported housing opportunities are mostly short-term, with extended care options available. 

Our spaces help people in their journey to recovery and participation in the community. Our services are guided by the Uniting strengths-based model, which has four domains of recovery: 


as a frequent self-reported component of recovery.


including current and future self-image.

Meaning in life

including life purpose and goals.

Personal responsibility

the ability to take personal responsibility for one's own life.


You can access this service if you are: 

  • Aged between 16 and 64 years old
  • Currently living with a diagnosed mental health condition or illness
  • Are actively looking for assistance, and willing to engage with our network of support staff
  • Experiencing mental health challenges that may benefit from a recovery focused service

Uniting residents

Our Uniting residents are encouraged to:

  • Cooking
  • Community involvement
  • Recreation
  • Health and hygiene
  • Living with other people 
  • Tenancy skills 
  • Education and employment 
  • Goal setting

Are you worried about the mental health of someone you know?

You may be concerned about someone close to you but are unsure how to approach them about the topic or how you can help them. Although this topic may feel difficult to talk about, it is usually best to try, rather than leave it unsaid. It could be best to ask the person if they need help to manage how they are feeling.

We offer referral appointments designed to tailor the appropriate plan around someones needs. If you are a family or friend of someone who struggles with mental health and you believe they would benefit from residential services, you can refer them to us. Uniting will review your referral and organise a face to face assessment to discuss the needs of the person and the suitability for the program. 

You are welcome to invite support people such as a support worker or carer to this appointment.

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