Building confident families


March 28, 2018

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“The program was so good for me and my kids. Now we have a really happy family and the kids are much more settled.”
— Stephanie

Parenting is one of life’s great joys – but it can also be tough, particularly if you weren’t prepared or didn’t have strong role models. When the pressures of life build and parents are finding it hard to cope, providing a safe and nurturing home can be challenging.

With the right advice and support, family situations that are unhealthy or even dangerous for children can be restored to caring, safe places where everyone thrives and children get the best start in life.

Our Newpin program (New Parent and Infant Network) works with young parents like Stephanie from Tasmania, who are experiencing a range of stressful circumstances by helping to break cycles of disadvantage, poverty and unsupported parenting.
We help families by developing parenting skills and building confidence, while supporting them through the personal challenges they face.

Working with children to nurture self-esteem and social, emotional and life skills gives them strong foundations for starting school and beyond.
Families attend the program for up to two years at least twice a week, and some choose to come more often.

Many people say that after just six months the program gives them greater self-esteem and confidence, and many who complete the program also go on to further education or employment.

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