Building a fresh start, together.

Uniting Winter Share Appeal

1 in 6 of us - that's 3 million Australians - find it difficult to cover their every-day costs of living.

This means that when an emergency happens, like a house fire, or losing their job, they don't have any resources to fall back on.

And it's so easy for those troubles to grow. Losing your job or your home can significantly affect your mental health, making it much more difficult to get back on your feet. Moving somewhere more affordable or where there is work means you don't have people you love around you to support you.

Together, we can build a fresh start for people who find themselves in such vulnerable situations.

Connecting with Emergency Services is often the first step towards a fresh start for those in crisis.

Felicity*, a single mother with three children, had nothing left and nowhere to go after a devastating fire destroyed her home.

After a referral to Uniting, our team worked with Felicity, providing the compassion, skills and support she needed to step towards into a brighter future.

After two and a half years with support from Uniting, Felicity and her family have a new lease on life. Though asking for help was one of the hardest things she’s ever done, the simple step of reaching out to Uniting changed Felicity’s life for the better.

“I’m in a really good place for the first time in a long time.”

Find out more about Felicity

Felicity’s tale is one of many stories of hope discovered through Uniting’s support services and programs. However, increasing numbers of families across Victoria and Tasmania are doing it tough.

Our Emergency Relief sites have helped over 50,000 individuals and families with 60,000 instances of support in the last year alone.

But, still, the need continues to grow…

You can help Felicity and other families across Victoria and Tasmania this winter.

$40 provides a personal care pack for people experiencing homelessness.

$75 connects people with a crisis support worker for assistance

$100 provides easy-to-prepare meals for two people

$300 brings a young person in from the cold

$1,000 rescues a family from rooming houses

**This is a true story about a real person. Some details such as names and locations have been changed to respect the wishes of the person whose story and image are featured.