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Christmas Appeal

Will you be home for Christmas?

This Christmas family and friends will all gather at loved ones’ homes, celebrating over a hearty meal. Sadly, this will not be the case for the thousands living without a home. With your help, we can provide the comfort and practical support they need to move from crisis to stability. Together, we can make this Christmas one to remember.

Uniting Christmas Appeal

Help us fight homelessness.

Your generosity and compassion have the power to provide people safety and security this Christmas.

Jeremey’s story

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I'd always fought my way out of things. But this time I was lost."

- Jeremey
Experiencing homeless at 49 years old, Jeremey is now helping others in a similar situation.

The single father found himself homeless and living deep in the bush, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Enduring sub-zero temperatures, piercing winds and struggling to access basic food and hygiene needs – Jeremey’s physical and mental health began to deteriorate. Luckily a chance encounter with Uniting marked a turning point in his life. Discover Jeremey’s story here.

Raylene’s story

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I was in tears...I nearly collapsed.”

- Raylene
At 46 years old, Raylene has been homeless for over half her life.

We asked her what it was like when she was told Uniting had found her a home.

Raylene tells her story here.

Tom's story

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They’ve helped me out so much. They’ve given me a place to stay, they’ve given me food to eat. They’ve made me feel like family.”

- Tom
At merely 20 years of age, Tom has been facing homelessness for the past three years.

He currently lives at Barnagnen, Uniting’s supported youth residential facility.

Tom tells his story here.

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When you donate to Uniting this Christmas, you are supporting people in your community to work towards a brighter future.

Every dollar raised helps us to reach more people and provide support when it’s needed most.

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