Warm hearts and fill bellies this winter.

This winter brings an opportunity to share hearty meals with family and friends. But for many people, winter brings a world of worry. With your help, we can provide the comfort and practical support they need to move from crisis to stability.

Uniting Winter Appeal

Make an impact this winter.

Your generosity and compassion allow us to give practical help to people in crisis during the toughest months of the year.

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You can decide where your money goes. Your compassion has the power to make real change in your community.

Where the money goes

When you donate to Uniting this Winter, you are supporting people in your community to work towards a brighter future.

Every dollar raised helps us to reach more people and provide support when it’s needed most

Tom’s story

Finding himself homeless 6 years ago, Meals for Change helped Tom turn his life around.

Now, a proud father and business owner, Tom’s life looks very different to what it did 6 years ago. Losing his father at just 18 years-old, Tom’s mental health began deteriorating. Struggling to find work, he found himself homeless and living from paycheck to paycheck. Read more about Tom here.

"I have no doubt if I hadn't received that help when I was at my lowest, things would be very different for me today."

- Tom

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