Supporting the Afghan community.

Komak is designed to build relationships and resilience within the Afghan community living in south-east Melbourne. Whether you’ve been here two months or 20 years, our goal is to help you feel settled and engaged with your community.


Stronger together.

“Komak” (meaning “help” or “support” in Dari) is a specialised service that champions the Afghan community.

Together with the Afghan community, our team works to develop resilience and build community connection.

With a focus on reducing isolation, KOMAK provides services to individuals, families, their peers, community leaders and professionals – everyone can reach out and receive support.

How it works

You can access a variety of community-led prevention and engagement activities through KOMAK.

Connecting with young people and families, we work within and outside the community to build resilience and a sense of wellbeing.

Working together, we can:
Provide a positive nurturing environment
Build support networks
Reduce the sense of isolation

Early Response and Intervention Support 

In tough times, we can provide coordinated Early Response and Intervention Support. You can access our services to help build a positive sense of identity, reduce the sense of marginalisation and improve future outcomes. This is discreet, sensitive support provided by professionals for families, young people, peers and community leaders.

Services and activities

You can access a diverse range of services and activities, such as:

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