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Meet other parents to talk about parenting strategies and share your own knowledge through our social support programs and services.

Parenting social support networks

Bringing families together.

Parenting is a journey full of challenges, and having a supportive network can make a world of difference. Our social support services bring together all types of families to share experiences and gain valuable parenting skills in a supportive environment.

Whether you’re a new parent, a single parent, or part of a blended family, our community is here to support you. Our network provides a range of resources and support for different stages of parenting, so you can feel confident in your abilities and navigate any challenges that may arise.

By joining our social support network, you can connect with other parents in your local area, share your experiences, and build lasting friendships. Our programs offer a variety of activities and events, from playgroups to workshops, designed to help families thrive.

Wimmera Wellbeing Centre

The Wimmera Wellbeing Centre offers a welcoming space for children, young people and families to participate in group programs to improve their mental wellbeing. A range of group programs are offered at the centre by both Uniting and other service providers.

To find out more about our programs at the Wimmera Wellbeing Centre, contact our team on (03) 5362 4000.

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