Aged & Carer Services

We work with people as they grow older and want to stay active, maintain their independence and enjoy life.

We also assist carers who need expert advice and additional supports to better care for themselves and their loved ones.

Connection to community and access to a social network are vital for wellbeing and confidence. We play an active role in empowering older people to live enriching lives, while supporting carers to take better care of themselves.

We offer respite care and day group activities. We support people to remain in their own homes.

In home care

The support received at home can be partly or fully funded by the government through the Commonwealth Home Support Program or a Home Care Package.
As we’re an approved provider for both, we can provide the services you need at every stage, including the option to pay privately for home care services.


Homeshare matches people who need companionship and some practical help to live at home with people who need accommodation.
Homesharers provide companionship, an overnight presence and up to 10 hours of practical help per week instead of rent. Homesharers provide their own food and a share of utility bills.

Carer services

Uniting is part of a network of Carer Gateway providers, responsible for delivering in-community Carer Gateway services throughout Victoria.


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