A new lease of life for BreezeWay.


August 19, 2021

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For 23 years, a dedicated team of staff and volunteers have served over 400,000 hot meals to Ballarat’s most vulnerable people at our BreezeWay service in Dana Street.

We recently opened a larger BreezeWay service in Albert Street. This new building has space for up to 80 people to sit down for a meal. That’s more than triple the capacity of the former
dining room.

The new building is fully accessible and includes an emergency relief centre with a food pantry and facilities including showers, washing machines and clothes dryers.

All of this would not be possible without the invaluable support of the local community and people like you.

Our General Manager for North and West Victoria, Annette Kelly-Egerton says the new BreezeWay facility now provides a better service than ever before to the Ballarat community.

“The new BreezeWay is a sanctuary where people in need can drop in for a chat and something to eat in a caring and compassionate space,” says Annette.

“As well as a hot meal, people can have a shower, a change of clothes and even connect with local housing and health support services.

“We’re extremely grateful for the support and generosity of the Oliver Foundation, Rotary Club of Alfredton, S.J. Weir and Central Highlands Water, who have all helped make this project happen.

“The larger kitchen allows us to prepare more meals and provide hospitality training. There’s also a social enterprise area, where we’re hoping to offer employment and skill development opportunities in the future.

“We also have a larger food pantry and on-site staff providing a ‘one stop shop’ supporting people in a friendly, welcoming and safe environment.” Jill Oliver from The Oliver Foundation says they are thrilled to see the project come to life.

“We’re proud to support this project, which focuses on some of Ballarat’s most vulnerable people,” says Jill.

“It’s wonderful that people can sit here together again, share a meal, connect and be there for each other.”

Pictured (left to right): Deb Robertson from the Rotary Club of Alfredton, Jill Oliver from the Oliver Foundation, Denise Lyons and Malcolm Roberts, both from the Rotary Club of Alfredton

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