Year in review

This year we commenced a new chapter in the history of Uniting Church community services. The establishment of Uniting in Victoria and Tasmania presents us with the opportunity to re-imagine our future and consider how we can best bring about positive social change. Our first year as Uniting has been a process of building and learning as we have worked to integrate twenty-four entities into a single organisation while committing to minimise disruption for our consumers.

Download Year In Review or the full version of the Annual Report as a PDF

Our history

For over two centuries we have responded to the needs of many Australians. Some of our earliest work dates to the mid 1800s

Who we are

We are the carers, thinkers, doers, darers who strive to make a difference in everyday trials and triumphs, for everyone - just as they are.

Our strategic plan

This inaugural strategic plan paves the way forward for our organisation.