Working better together to support families


June 26, 2018

Uniting Vic.Tas welcomes news of the Victorian Government’s $17.4 million Family Violence Advisor program. The program will see two family Violence Advisors shorty commence at Uniting’s specialist alcohol and other drug (AOD) service, Uniting ReGen, in their North Eastern and Hume Moreland Catchment areas.

These specialists will work towards developing the capacity of AOD clinicians to work more effectively with those who have experienced family violence and the perpetrators.

“The impact of family violence can be great – and for some, life threatening,” says Manager of the ReGen’s North Melbourne area, Marlyn Gavaghan. “That’s why it’s important we support our clinicians to increase their skills to identify and respond to indicators of family violence.”

“With these new roles, we can increase the skill level of our clinicians, as well as work together with a share-case model of support. With that, we can support our clients and their families better.”

The new Family Violence Advisor program was developed in response to the 2016 Royal Commission into Family Violence, which recommended greater collaboration between AOD, mental health and family violence services.

“As a drug and alcohol service provider, substance issues are the catalyst for approaching our service, which can be associated with mental health issues. In most situations family violence is not disclosed or is underreported.”

To get in contact with Uniting ReGen and learn more about the new service, please call 1800 700 514.

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