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Were you adopted or in care as a baby or a child?

We can help you access records and information about you or your family member's adoption or time in care, to better understand your past.

Understanding your adoption or time in care.

The Uniting Heritage Service is a free service for people and their families who were

If this out of home care was provided by the former Presbyterian, Methodist or Uniting Churches, we are here to help you understand more.

The Heritage Service exists to help you piece together memories and better understand the past. We can help you to share your experiences or even to locate family or significant people from your past.

Founding agencies

Those who contact us for assistance have many reasons. Often they seek a sense of what happened in the past and where they belong in the present."

Catriona Milne, Manager Uniting Heritage Service

The Presbyterian, Methodist and Uniting Churches are our founding agencies who provided out-of-home care and adoption services in Victoria.

The former Presbyterian and Methodist Services later became Connections who provided adoption services. Uniting Vic.Tas continues to provide some out-home-care services today.

How we can help

We hold records, photographs, historical material and other documents that date back to 1890, from Uniting founding agencies.

We can help you access these records, including information about your or your family member’s adoption or time in care and support you in the journey to better understand the past.

Accessing historical information and records
  • Accessing records held by Uniting
  • Assistance with requesting records held by other agencies and organisations
Ongoing support
  • Assistance searching for a family member or other significant people from the past 
  • Connecting people with health and social support services 
  • Organising reunions
Photographs and memorabilia.

We deeply regret that record keeping practices of the past have meant that many records were not retained, or if retained, are very scant. Photographs and memorabilia are important in giving people a clearer sense of their history, particularly where information is scarce. We have a collection of these which you can view. We are interested in hearing from people who may have kept photographs and other items from their time in care.

Hear the real story

Andrew’s story.

After a health scare 10 years ago, Andrew decided he finally wanted to learn more about his birth family

Hear the real story

Stella’s story.

Stella* had received her information and decided to make contact her birth mother. She asked the Heritage Service to do the search on her behalf.

Hear the real story

George’s story.

George* telephoned. He had been thinking for a while about getting his adoption information and had made a request in the past, but the paperwork had put him off.

Advocacy in action

Better support to re-connect families separated by forced adoptions, improving access to historical records and information and better counselling and psychological support are among the recommendations Uniting Vic.Tas made to a Victorian Parliamentary hearing into historical forced adoptions.

Get in touch

Accessing our service

If you would like to make an enquiry about yourself or that of a family member, please get in contact.

If you prefer to write to us in your own words, please send it to the below address:

Catriona Milne
Manager, Uniting Heritage Service
Locked Bag 8
A’Beckett Street PO
Melbourne VIC 8006

Call us on
0402 969 621