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Mentoring youth for a brighter future.

We help transition young people to independent living with the support of live-in youth mentors. 

Lead Tenant Program

Building independence with Lead Tenant Program.

Our Lead Tenant Program aims to assist young Victorians aged 15 – 19 in effectively transitioning to independent living by building their independence.

Supportive mentors, called Lead Tenants, are provided to help the young people fully develop an autonomous lifestyle. These Lead Tenants are volunteers who live rent-free in a shared household with the young people. Lead Tenants act as positive role models for the young people, providing day-to-day guidance and mature role modelling, and more broadly in their personal conduct within the house and the community.

Helping establish necessary life skills

The program’s primary goal is to create a safe and supportive living environment that enables young people to acquire the necessary life skills and knowledge to live independently. The Lead Tenants serve as positive role models, offering day-to-day guidance and mature role modelling to the young people.

Additionally, they act as mentors, providing emotional support and building their confidence.

Addressing the challenges of independence

The Lead Tenant Program addresses the challenges of independence by teaching young people valuable life skills such as budgeting, cooking, and household management.

The Lead Tenants play a crucial role in imparting these skills to the young people. Moreover, case managers and youth workers work alongside the Lead Tenants to ensure that the young people receive the necessary support and care.

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