Business & Social Enterprise

We have a range of Australian Disability Enterprises, social enterprises and opportunity shops that provide a variety of good and services.

Australian Disability Enterprises, social enterprises and opportunity shops provide a variety of goods and services, offer employment pathways and raise much-needed funds for other services.

Australian disability enterprises

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) provide employment opportunities for people with disability. They offer similar working conditions as other employers and an opportunity for people with a disability to contribute and connect to their local community.

Op shops

You can find our opportunity shops in Bendigo, Ballarat, the Barwon area, Sale and in suburbs across Melbourne. The Glenroy opportunity shop dates back to the creation of the Uniting Church of Australia in 1977.

The shops provide opportunities for people to give back to their local communities and gain work experience through volunteering. Volunteers make up 93% of the op shop workforce and we are grateful for their ongoing contribution.
The shops raise funds for vital programs and services in their local community. In particular the local emergency relief programs are the main beneficiary of the op shop funds. Other services supported include Breezeway Meals Program, Lifeline Ballarat, Meals For Change in Ballarat and Hartley's Community Dining Room in Prahran.

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Social enterprises

Our social enterprises are commercial businesses with social purpose, designed to generate income for our unfunded or underfunded crisis services. We also provide corporate consultancy and training to the business sector and government on how to respectfully and empathetically engage with people who are experiencing hardship.

The Mission Caters

Kildonan Enterprise Partnerships to train organisations dealing with vulnerable customers

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