Uniting Church agencies and their predecessor services

The following founding agencies of Uniting provided out-of-home care in Victoria. Some of these agencies continue to provide foster, kinship or residential care today. Also listed under each agency are the names of orphanages, children’s homes, family group homes and foster care providers that were run by the former denominations of the Uniting Church – Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational.

Uniting Connections (previously Connections UnitingCare )
Note: For Adoption Records contact Uniting Connections on 03 9521 5666

  • Methodist Babies Home (1929-1974)
  • Presbyterian Babies Home (1928-1977)
  • Canterbury Family Centre  (1977-2000)

Uniting Gippsland (previously UnitingCare Gippsland)

  • Kilmany Park Farm Home for Boys, Sale (1923-1978)
  • Kilmany Family Care (family group homes), East Gippsland (1978-2002)
  • Kilmany UnitingCare (2001-2010)

Uniting Harrison (previously UnitingCare Harrison)

  • Arthur Harrison Boy’s Home, Hawthorn (1960-1977)
  • Harrison House Youth Services (also known as Harrison Youth Hostel), Melbourne eastern suburbs (1982-1994)

Uniting Kildonan (previously Kildonan UnitingCare)

  • Kildonan, North Melbourne (1890-1937)
  • Kildonan, Elgar Road, Burwood (1937-1961)
  • Kildonan Homes for Children, Melbourne’s eastern and inner suburbs (1961-1993)
  • Kildonan Child and Family Services, office in Whittlesea/Epping (1993-2007)

Uniting Lentara (previously Lentara UnitingCare)

  • Methodist Homes for Children, Cheltenham (1891-1953)
  • Orana, the Peace Memorial Homes for Children, Burwood (1953-1988)

Uniting Wesley (previously Wesley Mission Victoria)

  • South Yarra Home (1900-1936)
  • Tally Ho Boys Training Farm, Burwood (1903-1986)
  • Tally Ho Youth Services, Melbourne eastern suburbs (1986-until 1990s)
  • Memorial Girls Home, Fairfield (1922-1984)
  • Moreland Hall, Brunswick (1936-1969)
  • Lincoln House, Central Mission Hostel for Boys, King Street, Melbourne (c1939 to 1950)
  • Wesley Youth Services, Melbourne eastern suburbs (1986 -current)

Uniting Wimmera (previously Wimmera UnitingCare)

  • Wimmera Family Homes/Wimmera Community Care, Horsham/Stawell (1979-2000)
  • Wimmera UnitingCare (2000-current)

Uniting Wyndham (previously UnitingCare Werribee Support and Housing)

  • Werribee Support and Housing (also known as Bridges Foster Care Inner West), Werribee and Melbourne (1982-current)

Previously UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania

  • Dhurringile Rural Training Farm, Tatura (1951-1964)
  • Regent House Hostel for Girls, Elsternwick (1966-1977)

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