Share Sunday Appeal - God's kind of hospitality.

Support vulnerable people to share hot meals and reconnect with their community.

Everyone is welcome at our tables

Share Sunday.

Share Sunday is an opportunity for the whole of the Uniting Church to acknowledge the vital community services undertaken by our agencies, parish missions, presbyteries and congregations.

It is also an invitation to continue to explore how we can partner together as we respond to Christ’s calling to serve humanity seeking to create an inclusive, connected and just world.

This year, the focus of our Share Sunday resources is hospitality, around the theme of ‘God’s Kind of Hospitality’.

The suggested date for congregations to hold a Share Sunday Service is on Sunday 28 August however you can choose to hold a service at any time.

Worship resources

The worship resources are available to download. However, if you are unable to download them, you may request a USB stick to be posted to you. 

These resources include:

Please adapt the resources to suit your needs.

Additional resources

The following resources are also available for download to make it easier for you to help us to continue to provide hot meals and safe spaces for vulnerable people to reconnect with the community

  • A poster to display at your church, incorporate into your service or distribute by email with newsletter
  • A donation coupon that can be downloaded and shared with your members via email for them to complete and return
  • A link to make an online donation in support of Share Sunday
  • A form to order additional self-mailing donation envelopes to distribute to congregation members at your service.

Hear the real story

Jeremey’s Story.

In the community

At 49 years old, Jeremey found himself sleeping rough.

“Looking back, I think lots of things melded together over a long period and led to my homelessness,”

Hear the real story

Team Life Cycle.

Calling themselves Team Life Cycle, these keen riders from Melbourne have a passion for pushing their bodies to the very limit, all in the name of mental health.

“We are delighted to partner with Uniting Vic.Tas for the first of what we hope will be many fundraising cycling events,”

In the community

On Saturday 10 September 2022, 600 Firefighters and other emergency service personnel are ‘stepping up’ to fight depression, PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury) and suicide.

We value our Volunteers

From humble beginnings as a tea and coffee service, NoBucks has grown into something much more meaningful for some Hobart locals.

“I believe we are there to help people in their time of need. And I always follow the three P’s. I don’t preach, pry or presume. We are simply there to listen if needed."

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