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Share Sunday

Share Sunday Appeal - God's call to unity.

Partnering together to support our diverse community.

Welcoming everyone exactly as they are

Share Sunday.

Share Sunday is an opportunity for the whole of the Uniting Church to acknowledge the vital community services undertaken by our agencies, parish missions, presbyteries and congregations.

It is also an invitation to continue to explore how we can partner together as we respond to Christ’s calling to serve humanity seeking to create an inclusive, connected and just world.

This year, the focus of our Share Sunday resources is unity, around the theme of ‘God’s call to unity’.

The suggested date for congregations to hold a Share Sunday Service is on Sunday 20 August however you can choose to hold a service at any time if departing from the lectionary is permissible in your context.

Worship resources

The worship resources are available to download. However, if you are unable to download them, you may request a USB stick to be posted to you. 

These resources include:

Please adapt the resources to suit your needs.

Additional resources

The following resources are also available for download to make it easier for you to help us to continue to support our diverse community in response to God’s call to unity:

  • A poster to display at your church, incorporate into your service or distribute by email with your church newsletter
  • A donation coupon that can be downloaded and shared with your members via email for them to complete and return
  • A link to make an online donation in support of Share Sunday
  • A form to order additional self-mailing donation envelopes to distribute to congregation members at your service.
Since August 2002, Uniting’s Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre (ASWC) in Brunswick, despite divisive social and political climates, has stood firm as a place of refuge, unity and humility. With the support and collaboration of congregations like: Coburg, Warrandyte, Camberwell, and Brunswick we have come together in Unity with the ASWC …

“...congregations have always been behind the work we do. Their commitment to advocating for justice and supporting those seeking asylum is truly inspiring.”

Anthony volunteers as a Crisis Support worker. He supports people over the phone who may be facing a mental health crisis, and those who call asking for advice about a loved one or friend in trouble.

I truly feel that I am making a difference...My role is to be their ally, to let them know that they are not alone, to acknowledge what they are going through and how it impacts them."

Hear the real story

Matthew’s story.

Children in foster care rarely have this early parenting experience. Let us reflect on Mathew’s life. Even before he was born he was hearing the violent arguments between his parents. His mum could barely soothe herself, as she was alert for the next beating.

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